Turkish cinema has produced some of the world's most iconic and critically acclaimed films, but many still need to stream on the popular platform Netflix. Read the blog to learn about the best five Turkish movies on Netflix to watch before your next trip to Turkey!

The Festival of Troubadours (2022)

The Festival of Troubadours is a new 2022 film that explores the conflicted relationship between father and son. The father, Heves Ali, is an itinerant musician separated from his family for years after losing his wife. The son, Yusuf, is a successful lawyer. 

After not seeing each other for many years, Yusuf learns that Heves will attend a music festival and decides to return to embark on the journey with him. During the trip, old emotions resurface as father and son accept and adjust to the time they have been unable to spend together.

The film's best qualities are undoubtedly its cinematography, breathtaking views, and encounters with traditional Turkish music, which boasts a lot of emotional complexity and contributes significantly to its genuine aesthetic.

Locked on You (2018)

Translated from the original name of Hedefim Sensin, this fun comedy tells about an unlucky meat seller finding a new life on the beautiful Turkish Aegean island of Gokceada. In addition to showcasing the cultural and scenic beauty of the enchanting island, this film offers a glimpse into fundamental aspects of Turkish Culture that we shouldn't take for granted, such as the great hospitality of this culture, the unity of the people through food and their spontaneity in personal relationships.  

Toll Booth (2010)

"Toll Booth" (also known as "Gise Memuru") is a 2010 Turkish drama film directed by Tolga Karaçelik. The movie tells the story of a toll booth attendant named Kenan, who spends his days collecting fees from drivers passing through a lonely stretch of highway in the middle of the Turkish countryside. 

The film is a powerful meditation on loneliness, existential despair, and the search for meaning in a world that often seems devoid of purpose. It provides a glimpse into the lesser-known parts of Turkey, portraying the country beyond its well-known tourist attractions. 

Paper Lives (2021)

“Paper Lives" is a 2021 Turkish drama film directed by Can Ulkay and starring Çağatay Ulusoy in the lead role. The film tells the story of Mehmet, a middle-aged man who runs a minor garbage collection business in Istanbul's slums. One day, Mehmet discovers a young boy named Ali, who is homeless and alone on the streets. Mehmet takes Ali under his wing and tries to help him find his family while struggling to keep his business afloat. As the two navigate the harsh realities of life in the city, they form a deep bond that will change their lives forever.

The film highlights the beauty of Turkey's people and their traditions. It showcases the hospitality and kindness of the Turks as well as their customs and celebrations, such as the "Bayram" holiday.

The Miracle (2015)

"The Miracle" is a 2015 Turkish drama film about a teacher sent to a remote village to work in a struggling school. He faces challenges in gaining trust but works hard to improve his students' education and the village's problems. The Miracle presents a heartwarming story of the power of kindness and community while also highlighting the beauty of Turkey's countryside, culture, and people.


Watching these films will give you a window into this fascinating country and will allow you to experience and learn more about Turkey's unique natural beauty and traditions from the comfort of your home.

To make your next trip to Turkey even more memorable, take some film culture with you and see as many of these films as possible!

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